[coreboot] question about post_cache_as_ram() function

Fengwei Zhang namedylan at gmail.com
Sat Dec 18 01:47:10 CET 2010

> What makes you so curious about the details of CAR setup?
Thank you for you detailed explanation, it helps me a lot.
I was trying to fix the S3 problem on my board m2v-mx_se. Basically, it 
dies at setting new ESP code when I wake up the machine from S3.  I am 
not quite understand why it dies there. That assembly code just set the 
new esp, and clear all registers. I didn't see any reason why booting 
stops there.
In addition, I am also not quite understand why we need to copy data 
from resume_backup_memory to RAMBASE. I thought all previous state info 
are saved at RAM after S3 sleep. Why do we need to do back_resume() at 
this point(it is still at cache_as_ram step)?



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