[coreboot] Licensing question

Rudolf Marek r.marek at assembler.cz
Sat Dec 18 01:07:45 CET 2010

Hello Frank,

Thanks for the great news! Please do you know what kind of BSD license it is? 
The "two clause"/"three clause"?

> The Open Source Review Board of AMD has decided the upcoming release of
> Agesa and the chipset CIM modules for our Family14h CPU will be under a
> dual license: GPLv2 and BSD. As the coreboot community, do you have any
> issue with this? If not, are there any specific coreboot requirements
> that must be met because of the dual license scheme? Thanks for your help.

I'm not aware of any issues so far. I'm perfectly fine with GPLv2. However for 
dual licensing scheme some kind of policy of what changes are under what license 
must be adopted/developed. I can tell now only "I don't know/I cannot think out 
any implications out of that"

I hope others will jump in eventually with some ideas how to handle that. Most 
likely we can assume what linux kernel folks are doing (and avoid kind of flame 
wars in this topic).

As a side note, I would like to ask about the permissions for example to 
redistribute the VGA ROM images/EC images/Microcode is this covered somehow in 
the release also?

How is the plan to integrate to code into Coreboot?

I hope other developers share some ideas too (especially if I missed something)

Thank you,

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