[coreboot] Support ASUS M4A78PRO motherboard ?

N. Pattakos pattakosn at yahoo.com
Fri Dec 17 12:03:51 CET 2010

Hi everyone,

I have followed the mailing list for a couple of years now and I would now like 
to try installing coreboot to my desktops. I am not a hardware person but I 
will try to get both of my desktops supported.

The first mobo I intend to "port" is an ASUS M4A78 PRO which is not listed as a 
supported motherboarf. I saw that ASUS M4A78EM is and they are pretty similar so 
I guess I should be lucky.
My mboard has a fam10h Northbridge and AMD 780G/SB700 southbridge and I will 
test using an AMD 7750 (2core, K10 based, 2.7ghz) cpu. I am not using it right 
now to post more information but I guess these are enough to begin with.

To begin with I read everything I found on your web page and bought a spare BIOS 
chip (hopefully the correct one :p . I downloaded and built seabios to use as a 
payload and then built a coreboot image for the M4A78EM mobo which I am ready to 
flash as soon as I get my new BIOS chip.

However, I bet it will not work. Can someone please help me move on? What do I 
do next ? What should I look for? I am completely lost from this point on

Best regards

Nicholas Pattakos
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