[coreboot] [PATCH]Allow components to add files to CBFS

Peter Stuge peter at stuge.se
Fri Dec 17 07:02:36 CET 2010

Patrick Georgi wrote:
> The generic Makefile.inc code in arch/x86 creates a coreboot.pre1
> with the cbfs-files-y data.

Could it have a more informative name than .pre1? Maybe .cbfs-files ?

> Makefile.bootblock.inc then adds the romstage and calls the result
> coreboot.pre.

Ditto? Maybe coreboot.cbfs-bootblock ?

> Makefile.bigbootblock.inc has nothing to do in that intermediate
> step from .pre1 to .pre, but to keep the dependency graph
> identical, we need to copy the data around.
> - The coreboot.pre1 rule is now generic code.
> - The coreboot.pre rule is bootblock/bigbootblock code.
> - The further processing (coreboot.pre -> coreboot.rom) is generic code again.

Very nice!

Acked-by: Peter Stuge <peter at stuge.se>

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