[coreboot] Upgrading SPI ROM chip?

Juhana Helovuo juhe at iki.fi
Thu Dec 16 19:21:56 CET 2010

Carl-Daniel Hailfinger wrote:
> On 05.12.2010 12:26, Juhana Helovuo wrote:
>> How does a chipset know the size of the SPI BIOS ROM on board
> Chipsets do not know the size of the flash ROM chip.

Ok. Thanks for the explanation, Carl-Daniel and Rudolf.

I tried substituting a bigger SPI ROM chip on my test mainboard and it 
worked very well. Flashrom and Coreboot co-operate very nicely. The only 
change needed was configuring Coreboot to use a bigger ROM size in 

The original chip was MX25L8005 (1 MByte) and the substitute is 
MX25L1605 (2MByte). The ROM is connected to AMD SB700 southbridge.

Best regards,
Juhana Helovuo

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