[coreboot] undefined reference to `IS_PC_SLICE_TYPE_BSD'

BeBa benbarszcz at gmail.com
Fri Aug 27 17:14:40 CEST 2010

this is my first try at compiling filo. the latest versions downloaded
with svn co.

google shows one issue already reported. Is this something new? How to
circumvent this barrier?


/>make CC="gcc -m32" LD="ld -b elf32-i386" HOSTCC="gcc" AS="as --32"
Libpayload /home/kb2qzv/subversion/coreboot/payloads/filo/build/libpayload/lib/libpayload.a.
CC      build/i386/context.o CC      build/i386/segment.o
  CC      build/i386/timer.o
  CC      build/i386/sys_info.o
  CC      build/i386/linux_load.o
  CC      build/main/filo.o
  CC      build/main/strtox.o
  CC      build/main/elfload.o
  CC      build/main/ipchecksum.o
  CC      build/main/grub/grub.o
  CC      build/main/grub/builtins.o
  CC      build/main/grub/cmdline.o
  CC      build/main/grub/char_io.o
  CC      build/main/grub/completions.o
  CC      build/fs/blockdev.o
  CC      build/fs/vfs.o
  CC      build/fs/eltorito.o
  CC      build/fs/fsys_ext2fs.o
  CC      build/fs/fsys_fat.o
  CC      build/fs/fsys_reiserfs.o
  CC      build/fs/fsys_iso9660.o
  CC      build/fs/fsys_cbfs.o
  CC      build/fs/cbfs.o
  CC      build/fs/lzma.o
  CC      build/drivers/ide.o
  CC      build/drivers/usb.o
  CC      build/drivers/intel.o
  LD      build/filo
In function `print_completions': completions.c:(.text+0x2f2): undefined
reference to `IS_PC_SLICE_TYPE_BSD' make: ***
[/home/kb2qzv/subversion/coreboot/payloads/filo/build/filo] Error 1

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