[coreboot] [PATCH] Gigabyte MA785GMT support

Ward Vandewege ward at gnu.org
Fri Aug 13 16:27:03 CEST 2010

On Fri, Aug 13, 2010 at 03:50:45PM +0800, Qing Pei Wang wrote:
>   the attach file added the support of Gigabyte MA785GMT mainboard.
> the details of the hardware configuration can be found at
> http://www.gigabyte.com/products/product-page.aspx?pid=3478
> a breif configuration is:
> 1. CPU:Support for AM3 processors: AMD PhenomTM II processor/ AMD Athlon™ II
> processor
> 2. North Bridge: AMD 785G
> 3. South Bridge: AMD SB710
> 4: Super IO : ITE8718F
> The mainboard has two bios flashchip. Coreboot ROM should be flashed into
> the M_BIOS(which means main bios).
> signed-off-by Wang Qing Pei <wangqingpei at gmail.com>

Thank you! I have a few of these boards arriving next week and will be
testing this.


Ward Vandewege <ward at fsf.org>
Free Software Foundation - Senior Systems Administrator

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