[coreboot] Hello and a question.

Votier, Sean (DS-1) SVotier at drs-ds.com
Wed Aug 11 20:15:36 CEST 2010

Designation: Non-SSA/Finmeccanica 

I've been on and off the list for a few months. My email system doesn't
seem to like list traffic so it's a bit touch and go so I will have to
see how long it lasts. It's been interesting reading but now I have a

I'm writing some BIOS code for the I7520 chipset.  In general, with
these chipsets is there some basic legacy I/O mapping for parallel,
serial and other real mode devices by default on power up? I'm hoping
that something similar happens to the way that the Firmware Hub is made
to look like a BIOS rom on power up. I need to read one GPIO pin very
early in the bios initialisation and hope I can just look at a bit at
I/O address 378.

  Thanks in advance for the help.



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