[coreboot] DL145 G1 with dual dualcore CPU using coreboot ?

Oskar Enoksson enok at lysator.liu.se
Wed Aug 11 14:27:35 CEST 2010

Ok thank you for all your help. I can boot and run Linux 2.6.33 now and
I see all four CPU cores in /proc/cpuinfo. I compiled and added SeaBIOS
as payload for coreboot and it works. I also compiled and added GPXE to
the image and was able to PXE-boot. However, there are a few problems:

- The server has 4x1GB memory, but I only see 1GB. Why? What can I do?

- There is something wrong with the interrupts. When the kernel is
initializing the ethernet interfaces it says

"Determining IP information for eth0...Disabling IRQ #19"

and then hangs for a long time, finally failing. If I add "irqpoll" to
the kernel parameter list the server boots, but a myrinet network card
installed in the PCI-X slot is still not able to set up interrupts and
thus fails to initialize.

mx_driver 0000:01:01.0: can't find IRQ for PCI INT B; probably buggy MP
Board 0: Could not allocate legacy IRQ 0
mx WARN: Failed to initialize Myrinet Board at 0000:01:01.0 (-6)

Perhaps the below excerp from the serial port output of coreboot is

POST: 0x66
Allocating resources...
Reading resources...
APIC: 00 missing read_resources
APIC: 01 missing read_resources
APIC: 02 missing read_resources
APIC: 03 missing read_resources
Done reading resources.
Setting resources...
Done setting resources.
Done allocating resources.
POST: 0x88
Enabling resources...

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