[coreboot] Fintek f71882

Andrew nitr0 at seti.kr.ua
Thu Aug 5 22:40:01 CEST 2010

05.08.2010 22:51, Joe Korty пишет:
> I've been thinking it would be a nice little hardware
> project to make my own little bios switcher.
> Regards,
> Joe
This solution is already present. It's named 'top hat', used mostly for 
reflashing soldered chips and it's easily maked for a hour just from 2 
PLCC sockets - both are soldered pin-to-pin except pin 24. For bottom 
socket (that is placed on soldered chip and has removed key corner - to 
fit on reverse-placed chip) pin 24 is connected to pin 26 (GND), for top 
- pin 24 connected to pin 2 (nRST).
Detailed Russian manual with discussion is placed here: 
IMHO it can be used for socketed flashes with some modifications (I 
can't imagine how to plug something over socketed flash - maybe just put 
PLCC32 package w/o crystal inside into socket, and solder to it adapter 
with switch for 2 PLCC32 chips) - but IMHIO it isn't actual, it's much 
easier just to swap flashes in socket or to solder ZIF socket.

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