[coreboot] Trouble building coreboot with SeaBIOS for QEMU.

Neil Turton nturton at solarflare.com
Thu Apr 29 18:18:05 CEST 2010

Hi Peter and Myles,

Thanks for the info about FILO.

Myles Watson wrote:
> Does your version of qemu write protect the BIOS area so that SeaBIOS can't
> live there?  It seems like I had that problem once.

That seems to be the problem.  I changed IO_MEM_ROM to IO_MEM_RAM for
the ISA mapping in the QEMU source code and SeaBIOS booted my hard disk.
 At least it did once I remembered to put the -hda parameter back onto
the qemu command line.  ;-)

Thanks for the help.

Cheers, Neil.

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