[coreboot] brick avoidance

Anders Jenbo anders at jenbo.dk
Tue Apr 27 17:49:09 CEST 2010

Find or buy a spare flash ROM (you could the one from another board  
and back it up so you can restor it when you are done).
Turn on the system, pull out the original ROM and put it some where  
safe. Put in your spare and start flashing.
If you ever brick it you can always put the original back in to start  
the system.

Mvh Anders

Den 27/04/2010 kl. 16.52 skrev Knut Kujat <knuku at gap.upv.es>:

> Joe Korty escribió:
>> Hi and good morning,
>> I am new to this coreboot thing.  I would like to know
>> what techniques people are using to avoid bricking their
>> motherboard the first time they use coreboot (ie, at the
>> point when a person is completely ignorant about what they
>> are doing).
>> I've looked into the IOSS RD1-LPC8 Bios Savior but haven't
>> been able to get a response from the company.  I suspect
>> that the product is no longer available.  Too bad, that
>> looked like it was exactly what I needed.
>> My motherboard is the H8DME-2 with an 8 MB LPC flash.
>> Regards,
>> Joe
> Hi,
> I'm using extra flash chips and a second motherboard with the same
> socket to write them (Hotflashing). And to better handle the chips, I
> glued a pin head  (without the needle, of course ;)) on top of them.
> http://www.coreboot.org/Developer_Manual/Tools
> bye,
> Knut Kujat
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