[coreboot] buildrom error with M2V-MX SE

Patrick Georgi patrick at georgi-clan.de
Tue Apr 20 18:15:12 CEST 2010

Am 20.04.2010 17:45, schrieb Nathan Owens:
> I'm getting the following error when using buildrom:
> cp: cannot create regular file
> `/home/nate/buildrom/buildrom-devel/work/coreboot/svn/targets//asus/m2v-mx_se/m2v-mx_se/payload.elf':
> No such file or directory
> make: ***
> [/home/nate/buildrom/buildrom-devel/work/coreboot/svn/targets//asus/m2v-mx_se/m2v-mx_se/payload.elf]
> Error 1
> It looks like there is one too many forward slashes in the path.
POSIX requires all multiple slashes (except at the beginning of the
path) to be eliminated, so the slashes are resolved by the system.

The issue is that we don't have "targets" anymore. buildrom probably
needs some update for the coreboot build method.

Patrick Georgi

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