[coreboot] AMD northbridge information on the wiki

Keith Hui buurin at gmail.com
Thu Apr 15 17:22:29 CEST 2010

> Right. Some board manufacturers call the 785G "RS785", and AMD's own
> website doesn't have a clear list of which codename corresponds to which
> product name. Running a search on AMD's website comes up pretty empty.
> OTOH, RS880 is mentioned in the RS780 RPR, so we can assume it works
> with the existing code (and IIRC one board in the tree uses 785G, so
> that assumption is safe).
>> Sorted by codename, the chipsets I can find are*
>> Codename    Product Name        Documentation?
>> RS690       AMD 690G chipset    x[2]
>> RS690C       AMD 690V chipset    x[2]
>> RS690E      AMD M690E chipset    x[2]
>> RS690M       AMD M690 chipset    x[2]
>> RS690MC     AMD M690V chipset    x[2]
>> RS690T       AMD M690T chipset    x[2]
>> RS740       AMD 740G chipset
>> RX740       AMD 740 chipset
> Some stuff about AMD 740 family in wikipedia is simply crap/rumor.
> Basically, AMD 740 is AMD 690 with a smaller process size and slightly
> updated graphics core. AFAIK you can use the AMD 690 code without
> problems after adding one PCI ID.
>> RD780       AMD 790X chipset
>> RS780       AMD 780G chipset    x[1]
>> RS780C      AMD 780V chipset     x[1]
>> RS780D      AMD 790GX chipset    x[1]
>> RS780E      AMD 780E chipset     x[1]
>> RS780L      AMD 760G chipset
>> RS780M      AMD M780G chipset    x[1]
>> RS780MC      AMD M780V chipset    x[1]
>> RX780       AMD 770 chipset
>> RX781       AMD M770 chipset     x[1]
>> RD790       AMD 790FX chipset
>> RS880       AMD 785G chipset

So realistically how soon can I expect practical RS880/785G support,
if not already? My dev machine/home server/HTPC rocks a Asus
M4A785TD-M EVO with this chipset. I'll assemble a dump later but it
sports, off my head:
Phenom II X4 965
AMD 785G
IT8705 superio and some ACPI interface to it for hardware monitoring -
I wonder if I can work that interface into my P2B-LS :P
8Mbit SPI flash, socketed


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