[coreboot] AMD northbridge information on the wiki

Carl-Daniel Hailfinger c-d.hailfinger.devel.2006 at gmx.net
Thu Apr 15 13:44:26 CEST 2010


On 15.04.2010 10:09, dolphinling wrote:
> I noticed the wiki supported chipsets page has listed under the
> southbrigde section "AMD RS690" and "AMD RS780/RS785?". But RS690 and
> RS780 are northbridges, not southbridges

For AMD CPUs, the northbridge (the chip which hosts the memory
controller) is in the CPU.
You could call the RS690/... chips "middlebridge" or something like
that, but we simply call them southbridges.

> and there is no RS785.

Right. Some board manufacturers call the 785G "RS785", and AMD's own
website doesn't have a clear list of which codename corresponds to which
product name. Running a search on AMD's website comes up pretty empty.
OTOH, RS880 is mentioned in the RS780 RPR, so we can assume it works
with the existing code (and IIRC one board in the tree uses 785G, so
that assumption is safe).

> Sorted by codename, the chipsets I can find are*
> Codename    Product Name        Documentation?
> RS690       AMD 690G chipset    x[2]
> RS690C       AMD 690V chipset    x[2]
> RS690E      AMD M690E chipset    x[2]
> RS690M       AMD M690 chipset    x[2]
> RS690MC     AMD M690V chipset    x[2]
> RS690T       AMD M690T chipset    x[2]
> RS740       AMD 740G chipset   
> RX740       AMD 740 chipset

Some stuff about AMD 740 family in wikipedia is simply crap/rumor.
Basically, AMD 740 is AMD 690 with a smaller process size and slightly
updated graphics core. AFAIK you can use the AMD 690 code without
problems after adding one PCI ID.

> RD780       AMD 790X chipset   
> RS780       AMD 780G chipset    x[1]
> RS780C      AMD 780V chipset     x[1]
> RS780D      AMD 790GX chipset    x[1]
> RS780E      AMD 780E chipset     x[1]
> RS780L      AMD 760G chipset   
> RS780M      AMD M780G chipset    x[1]
> RS780MC      AMD M780V chipset    x[1]
> RX780       AMD 770 chipset    
> RX781       AMD M770 chipset     x[1]
> RD790       AMD 790FX chipset   
> RS880       AMD 785G chipset   
> * Cobbled together from wikipedia and amd documentation
> [1] http://www.coreboot.org/Datasheets#AMD_RS780
> [2] http://www.coreboot.org/Datasheets#AMD_RS690
> As far as I can tell (though I haven't looked heavily), AMD
> northbridges are the only ones to use separate code/product names.
> Since the product names are likely more well-known, I suggest the
> following:
> Move "RS690" to northbridges, and rename it to "690G/V, M690/E/V/T"
> Move "RS780/RS785?" to northbridges, and rename it to "780E/G/V,
> 790GX, M770, M780G/V"

You have a valid point about RS785. For chipsets, we always use the code
name in our source, and most of the time we use the code name on our web
pages as well.

> Now, that assumes that support for these actually exists. I only see
> one motherboard on the supported motherboards page that uses a 690G,
> and none that uses a 700-series chipset. Does anyone know the actual
> status?

690 family boards in the tree:

Out-of-tree 690 family board, but working:

780 family boards in the tree:

> And for all the 700-series without documentation, should they be in
> the list for clarity, as either WIP or NO with a footnote saying
> they're similar but documentation hasn't been released?

Yes, they should be in the list. AFAIK pretty much every 700 series
chipset is supported with the current code, the only problem is that
some are just not mentioned in the docs (but adjusting one or two PCI
IDs is usually sufficient, and sometimes no change is needed). WIP would
not reflect the status properly, and NO would be incorrect. Maybe "?".



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