[coreboot] AMD northbridge information on the wiki

dolphinling lists at dolphinling.net
Thu Apr 15 10:09:07 CEST 2010


I noticed the wiki supported chipsets page has listed under the southbrigde 
section "AMD RS690" and "AMD RS780/RS785?". But RS690 and RS780 are 
northbridges, not southbridges, and there is no RS785.

Sorted by codename, the chipsets I can find are*
Codename	Product Name    	Documentation?
RS690   	AMD 690G chipset	x[2]
RS690C   	AMD 690V chipset	x[2]
RS690E  	AMD M690E chipset	x[2]
RS690M   	AMD M690 chipset	x[2]
RS690MC 	AMD M690V chipset	x[2]
RS690T   	AMD M690T chipset	x[2]
RS740   	AMD 740G chipset	
RX740   	AMD 740 chipset 	
RD780   	AMD 790X chipset	
RS780   	AMD 780G chipset	x[1]
RS780C  	AMD 780V chipset 	x[1]
RS780D  	AMD 790GX chipset	x[1]
RS780E  	AMD 780E chipset 	x[1]
RS780L  	AMD 760G chipset	
RS780M  	AMD M780G chipset	x[1]
RS780MC  	AMD M780V chipset	x[1]
RX780   	AMD 770 chipset 	
RX781   	AMD M770 chipset 	x[1]
RD790   	AMD 790FX chipset	
RS880   	AMD 785G chipset	

* Cobbled together from wikipedia and amd documentation
[1] http://www.coreboot.org/Datasheets#AMD_RS780
[2] http://www.coreboot.org/Datasheets#AMD_RS690

As far as I can tell (though I haven't looked heavily), AMD northbridges are the 
only ones to use separate code/product names. Since the product names are likely 
more well-known, I suggest the following:
Move "RS690" to northbridges, and rename it to "690G/V, M690/E/V/T"
Move "RS780/RS785?" to northbridges, and rename it to "780E/G/V, 790GX, M770, 

Now, that assumes that support for these actually exists. I only see one 
motherboard on the supported motherboards page that uses a 690G, and none that 
uses a 700-series chipset. Does anyone know the actual status?

And for all the 700-series without documentation, should they be in the list for 
clarity, as either WIP or NO with a footnote saying they're similar but 
documentation hasn't been released?

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