[coreboot] Console ports and Coreboot versions

Gregg Levine gregg.drwho8 at gmail.com
Tue Apr 13 02:06:58 CEST 2010

Here's the issue: Dating over a period of about two to three weeks,
and averaging about three messages per time period about two years ago
September to October, happen to be a serial about just that.

The group was discussing the issue concerning the impending (by that
time) disappearance of the serial port from the selected boards. And
they were looking into a series of interesting hacks, one was applying
the technology behind the PS/2 port, one other concerned a floppy
drive connector. And even the parallel port was considered. Even the
SMBUS was looked at.

As of this past week the links in the messages have died so there
isn't a reference for the gizmo described that enables a PS/2 keyboard
style connector to be connected to a USB style port. Or perhaps the
reverse is true. Using it someone could plug a USB key or flash drive
into a PS/2 keyboard connector.

As I understand it, it looks something like the USB Debug device
described sometime ago, except for the fact that one end contained the
PS/2 connection.

This concerned the V3 port or build or release of Coreboot. Since the
reasons why I initially got involved with the entire product from its
early days as LinuxBIOS to right now with everyone working with
different ideas for Coreboot moving towards a reality are summed up in
that serial I decided to label it. Basically folks I have an interest
in strange things like that, and of course regular computer
electronics as such I decided today to ask about it.
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