[coreboot] coreboot Digest, Vol 62, Issue 47

Keith Hui buurin at gmail.com
Mon Apr 12 02:47:27 CEST 2010

> This patch adds preliminary and untested ACPI support to Intel 440BX/82371EB
> (e.g. ASUS P2B and its variants/similar boards).
> It focuses on an/the ASUS P2B which comes with three ram slots, hence the
> change to src/northbridge/intel/i440bx/raminit.c.
> Some parts are based on code from other boards and need some work.
> It is also based on a patch [1] from Keith Hui: in the attached patch parts
> of src/southbridge/intel/i82371eb/i82371.h are and
> src/southbridge/intel/i82371eb/i82371eb_smbus.c is (C) Keith Hui.
> Todo:
> - create PRT objects
> - finish/fix FADT
> - finish all other ACPI tables (RSDT, RSDP, DSDT etcetera)
> - PIRQ routing
> - standby/suspend
> - ?
> Not Signing-off-by at this point.
> Idwer
> [1] http://www.coreboot.org/pipermail/coreboot/2010-March/056996.html
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This thing has my name on it! LOL.Thanks.

I'm going to try it now.

I am also going to try this with the ACPI tables from the vendor BIOS.

The reason ACPI doesn't quite work is because coreboot does not
initialize i82371eb (PIIX4E) function 3 which controls ACPI and power
management. I have submitted a patch for initial work on this; Uwe is
reviewing it ATM.

Make sure you do NOT define SDRAMPWR_4DIMM in Kconfig for P2B. I'll
see what else I missed there in supporting boards with 3 and 4 DIMM

BTW are you able to fill all three DIMM slots and have all memory come
up properly? You, with a 3-DIMM P2B, are the test case we have been
looking for.


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