[coreboot] Dualbios on GA-MA770-UD3

Vadim Girlin vadimgirlin at gmail.com
Fri Apr 9 18:52:21 CEST 2010

On 04/09/2010 07:56 PM, Rudolf Marek wrote:
>> That could be very helpful for me. This register (LDN 7 reg EF) seems to
>> be very interesting. Bit 0 is chip select, but also bits 2,4,5,6 are
>> used in bios code. Bit 6 probably is some watchdog setting - setting it
>> on  with resetting other bits causes reboot in ~ a second.
> Hm the LDN 7 EF is not documented in old 0.4 version of datasheet.
>> Also there is some moment in bios code about test reg 2F @ LDN F4 - it
>> is toggled in some place and this could be important - may be enabling
>> some undocumented features.
> Yes no docs again,

Here is code fragment I mentioned - some bit is set then reset:
(Not sure now that this code runs at all)

seg003:E581                 mov     al, 7
seg003:E583                 mov     dx, 2Eh ; '.'
seg003:E586                 out     dx, al
seg003:E587                 mov     al, 0F4h ; '¯'  ; LDN F4h ?
seg003:E589                 inc     dx
seg003:E58A                 out     dx, al
seg003:E58B                 dec     dx
seg003:E58C                 mov     al, 2Fh ; '/'
seg003:E58E                 out     dx, al
seg003:E58F                 mov     al, 4
seg003:E591                 inc     dx
seg003:E592                 out     dx, al          ; write 2F = 4
seg003:E593                 dec     dx
seg003:E594                 mov     cx, 0Ah
seg003:E597 delay2:                                 ; CODE XREF: seg003:E599j
seg003:E597                 out     0EBh, al
seg003:E599                 loop    delay2
seg003:E59B                 mov     al, 2Fh ; '/'
seg003:E59D                 out     dx, al
seg003:E59E                 mov     al, 0
seg003:E5A0                 inc     dx
seg003:E5A1                 out     dx, al          ; write 2F = 0
seg003:E5A2                 mov     dx, 2Eh ; '.'
seg003:E5A5                 mov     al, 2           ; sio exit
seg003:E5A7                 out     dx, al
seg003:E5A8                 out     0EBh, al
seg003:E5AA                 inc     dx
seg003:E5AB                 mov     al, 2
seg003:E5AD                 out     dx, al

>> Another interesting moment is checking for status of RI2 event (LDN 4
>> reg F1 bit 1) - it's almost first op in bios startup code. AFAICS RI2
>> event causes switch to chip 1 (Backup) and reboot - but there is no COM2
>> port on that board. And settings at reg 29 after boot told me that RI2
>> pin is switched to GPIO mode. So it is probably some debugging feature -
>> if we find the way to set RI2 event then it seems to be an easy way to
>> boot from backup bios.
> This bit is marked reserved.
Here is info from datasheet that I found. It is "Preliminary
Specification V0.3" for IT8718F:

LDN 04

APC/PME Status Register (PSR) (Index=F1h, Default=00h)
bit    desc
4    0: No PS/2 Mouse Event Detected
    1: PS/2 Mouse Event Detected
3    0: No Keyboard Event Detected
    1: Keyboard Event Detected
2    0: No RI2# Event Detected
    1: RI2# Event Detected
1    0: No RI1# Event Detected
    1: RI1# Event Detected
0    0: No CIR event Detected
    1: CIR event Detected

So it seems that bit 2 is RI2 Event. It's first what is tested in bios code.

Here is code fragment - it runs at very early startup - before
initializing CPU, HT etc:

seg003:447C loc_F447C:                              ; DATA XREF: seg003:off_F447Ao
seg003:447C                 mov     dx, 2Eh ; '.'   ; enter SIO cfg mode
seg003:447F                 mov     al, 87h ; 'Ç'
seg003:4481                 out     dx, al
seg003:4482                 mov     al, 1
seg003:4484                 out     dx, al
seg003:4485                 mov     al, 55h ; 'U'
seg003:4487                 out     dx, al
seg003:4488                 mov     al, 55h ; 'U'
seg003:448A                 out     dx, al
seg003:448B                 mov     cl, 4
seg003:448D                 mov     dx, 2Eh ; '.'
seg003:4490                 mov     al, 7
seg003:4492                 out     dx, al
seg003:4493                 out     0EBh, al
seg003:4495                 inc     dx
seg003:4496                 mov     al, cl
seg003:4498                 out     dx, al          ; select LDN 4 - EC
seg003:4499                 out     0EBh, al
seg003:449B                 mov     cl, 0F1h ; '¸'
seg003:449D                 mov     al, cl
seg003:449F                 mov     dx, 2Eh ; '.'
seg003:44A2                 out     dx, al
seg003:44A3                 out     0EBh, al
seg003:44A5                 inc     dx
seg003:44A6                 in      al, dx          ; read F1 - APC/PME Status
seg003:44A7                 out     0EBh, al
seg003:44A9                 test    al, 4           ; check bit 2 - RI2# Event
seg003:44AB                 jz      short sio_exit_0
seg003:44AD                 mov     cl, 7
seg003:44AF                 mov     dx, 2Eh ; '.'
seg003:44B2                 mov     al, 7
seg003:44B4                 out     dx, al
seg003:44B5                 out     0EBh, al
seg003:44B7                 inc     dx
seg003:44B8                 mov     al, cl
seg003:44BA                 out     dx, al          ; select LDN 7 - GPIO
seg003:44BB                 out     0EBh, al
seg003:44BD                 mov     cl, 0EFh ; 'ÿ'  ; reg EF
seg003:44BF                 mov     al, cl
seg003:44C1                 mov     dx, 2Eh ; '.'
seg003:44C4                 out     dx, al
seg003:44C5                 out     0EBh, al
seg003:44C7                 inc     dx
seg003:44C8                 in      al, dx          ; read EF
seg003:44C9                 out     0EBh, al
seg003:44CB                 test    al, 1           ; test bit 0
seg003:44CD                 jnz     short sio_exit_0
seg003:44CF                 mov     cl, 0EFh ; 'ÿ'
seg003:44D1                 mov     al, cl
seg003:44D3                 mov     dx, 2Eh ; '.'
seg003:44D6                 out     dx, al
seg003:44D7                 out     0EBh, al
seg003:44D9                 inc     dx
seg003:44DA                 in      al, dx          ; read EF
seg003:44DB                 out     0EBh, al
seg003:44DD                 or      al, 1           ; set bit 0
seg003:44DF                 mov     ah, al
seg003:44E1                 mov     dx, 2Eh ; '.'
seg003:44E4                 mov     al, cl
seg003:44E6                 out     dx, al          ; write EF
seg003:44E7                 out     0EBh, al
seg003:44E9                 mov     al, ah
seg003:44EB                 inc     dx
seg003:44EC                 out     dx, al
seg003:44ED                 out     0EBh, al
seg003:44EF                 mov     al, 2
seg003:44F1                 mov     dx, 0CF9h       ; reset
seg003:44F4                 out     dx, al
seg003:44F5                 mov     al, 6
seg003:44F7                 out     dx, al

>> BTW all info I have on this is from it8718 datasheet, but it seems that
>> the code is same for 8718 and 8720.
> Hmm the LDN F4 is really some debug feature... Maybe someone should
> get new datasheet ;)
> Rudolf

Best regards,

Vadim Girlin

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