[coreboot] P2B-LS status for wiki

Uwe Hermann uwe at hermann-uwe.de
Fri Apr 9 00:27:57 CEST 2010

On Thu, Mar 25, 2010 at 12:18:37AM -0400, Keith Hui wrote:
> Hi all,
> As title. Can someone enter this into the wiki?

Sorry for the delay. I was about to add it, but then noticed you already
got an account and did it.

Some notes below:

> On-board hardware
> On-board IDE 3.5": Secondary IDE works. There are some problems with
> primary IDE.

Hm, strange. What kind of problems? (sorry if you already mentioned
this, haven't read all my backlog yet)

> On-board ethernet: OK - Works only when not listed in the mainboard's
> device tree.

Also strange. This should not happen, probably a side-effect of
incorrect PIRQ tables (?)

> Add-on slots
> ISA add-on cards: OK - Tested with Sound Blaster AWE64 ISA. Detected,
> initialized, ALSA driver loaded, no sound
> PCI add-on cards: OK - Tested with a PCI NE2000 NIC in one slot

Please note that for all ISA/PCI/PCIe slots you always have to specify
which slots exactly you tested. One PCI slot for instance could work
fine while the other two on the same board are not working (due to
incorrect PIRQ table / MPtable / ACPI table).

If you get a chance, please test the same NIC in all PCI slots etc. to
be sure everything works.

> SMBus: OK

This entry is not for the SMBus to talk to the EEPROM on the RAM DIMMs
btw, but should rather indicate if an SMBus / I2C pin header on the
board have been tested and work (if any). This _may_ be the same status
as for the SMBus setup to talk to DIMM EEPROMs, but probably not
necessarily, so should be tested independently. If you don't have such
a header on the P2B-LS, you can mark it as "N/A".

> flashrom: OK

You wrote "Board not directly supported by flashrom; force P2B-F as the
mainboard target." which sounds strange. Please contact us in #flashrom
on IRC or on the flashrom mailing list to figure this out, thanks!
It's likely that the board needs a "board-enable" chunk of code in

I'll have a look at your other 440BX related patches soonish, after
reading my backlog, have been way too busy with other projects (mostly
http://sigrok.org, for the curious), sorry.

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