[coreboot] password

Peter Stuge peter at stuge.se
Thu Apr 8 21:36:09 CEST 2010

ron minnich wrote:
> I have a lenovo x300 somebody set the password on and ... as you
> guess, forgot.
> So, question: anyone have any idea how deep into the machine the
> password is kept no new machines? Deep in TPM?
> in other words, were flashrom to work on this box, can the password
> be reset?

flashrom likely isn't enough. :\

ThinkPads at least used to have a special "high security" EEPROM,
plus they've had fairly much more sophisticated ECs compared to other
laptop designs, for a long time.

I'm sure it's possible to reset that password, but I don't know where,
and I'm pretty sure it's somewhere unusual.

If you want to dive into the ThinkPad world of ECs, there was a lot
of good work done on the T43 - although that one is old by now, maybe
it can still be helpful:


It may be quickest to just order a new system board for the laptop
off eBay.


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