[coreboot] Supermicro X7SLA-H supported? (Intel 945GC + ICH7R)

Carl-Daniel Hailfinger c-d.hailfinger.devel.2006 at gmx.net
Sat Sep 26 21:44:45 CEST 2009

Hi Sander,

On 16.09.2009 13:34, Sander wrote:
> Supermicro X7SLA-H motherboard[2].
> The chipsets of the X7SLA-H are Intel 945GC + ICH7R which are listed as
> WIP on "Devices supported in coreboot v3"[3]
> What are the changes of getting Coreboot v3 to work on this motherboard?

Pretty slim. We are currently working on integrating all important v3
features in v2 because v2 gets more developer attention. If your chipset
is supported in v2, you have a good chance to get your board working.

> What makes v3 'alpha'? I can't seem to figure it out from reading the
> wiki.

Short answer: v3 has a pretty new design and we're still evaluating
aspects of that design. Those parts of the design which are already
proven will be integrated in v2, other parts may come later.

> I consider myself an experienced Linux user but I have no hardware tools
> for flash or debug. Would I be able to play with Coreboot and be of any
> use to the community?

It is very useful to have a serial nullmodem cable and a POST card. Test
both of them. It is also a requirement to be able to recover if flashing
went wrong. That means you either need a second board with the same
flash type (the board can be totally different as long as the flash type
(FWH/LPC/SPI) is identical) or an external programmer. Of course, to
recover the flash chip on your board, that flash chip should be in a
socket (or have a SPI recovery header).

> Btw, I am open for any suggestions regarding a better motherboard with
> possible (future) Coreboot support. I'm looking for a small size,
> relative low power, two core, 64bit system with a pci slot for the Solos
> card. I've read the 'Supported Motherboard' section but it was last
> modified at 6 July 2009 so that might be outdated.

We have too many boards on our TODO list and only limited funding and
developer time. We welcome every contribution and every new developer or



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