[coreboot] [PATCH] more kconfig support

Patrick Georgi patrick at georgi-clan.de
Fri Sep 25 19:37:19 CEST 2009


it's not going as fast as I thought, but still, some progress:
(all of this excluding PPC hardware, and I might have missed something)
- northbridges are done
- southbridges are done
- Intel CPUs are done, with a design that the board only has to specify
  the socket it has, and the CPUs are pulled in automatically. There is
  some more cleanup possible in that area, but I'll do that later
- a couple more mainboards compile:
  - intel/eagleheights
  - intel/jarrell
  - intel/mtarvon
  - intel/truxton
  - intel/xe7501devkit
  - sunw/ultra40
  - supermicro/h8dme
  - tyan/s2850
  - tyan/s2875
  - via/epia
  - via/epia-cn
  - via/epia-m
  - via/epia-m700
  - via/epia-n
  - via/pc2500e

Given that pretty much all devices should be kconfig'd now, I guess that
I'll be faster with the others.
All of them only _build_, I guess some options are still completely
wrong, I'll handle that in one big pass (with tool support) when all
boards build.

Current status:
The tree has 114 boards, of which 46 build with kconfig now, so there
are 68 missing.

As the patch has grown a bit, see


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