[coreboot] [PATCH]some kconfig fixes

Patrick Georgi patrick at georgi-clan.de
Thu Sep 24 08:58:52 CEST 2009


attached patch fixes most Kconfig boards (as tested with kbuildall).

- CONFIG_SMP is always set (to 'n' if MAX_CPUS==1)
- HT_CHAIN_{END,}_UNIT_BASE is defined (probably at the wrong location,
  but please move it later. src/Kconfig is a good generic place to put
  stuff in that should be moved, imho)
- via/c3 is hooked up to the build
- mitac and soyo boards are hooked up to the build
- emulation/qemu-x86 is "normal form" now, so kbuildall picks it up
- three via boards were missing some definitions. FALLBACK_SIZE is a
  dummy until the via-specific vgabios handling code is either cleaned
  up or eliminated
- RAMBASE at 0x4000 for via boards is necessary due to the via-specific
  vgabios handling code. see above.
- kbuildall supports building a single board now, eg.
  util/kbuildall/kbuildall emulation/qemu-x86
  This is useful to quickly test changes to a board with the same
  default config that kbuildall usually uses.

Signed-off-by: Patrick Georgi <patrick.georgi at coresystems.de>

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