[coreboot] Resend: [PATCH] add h8dmr fam10 target

Ward Vandewege ward at gnu.org
Tue Sep 22 15:17:15 CEST 2009

Ping - can I get an ack please? I've got a machine running this port for
almost 2 months now, so it's at least somewhat useable. The outstanding
issues below are not related to this port as such.



See attached.

There are a number of outstanding issues:

* we don't have the mc_patch_01000086.h CPU ucode file yet which is
referenced in a comment in src/mainboard/supermicro/h8dmr_fam10/Options.lb.
AMD has not released it yet. This is not a problem specific to this port.

* I'm seeing toolchain issues. I can't get this tree to compile correctly with
gcc 4.3 (32 bit) - there is an optimization issue where certain parts of the
CBFS code execute very slowly. With gcc 3.4 (32 bit) that slowness
disappears. This is probably not a problem related to this port specifically.

* setting CONFIG_DEFAULT_CONSOLE_LOGLEVEL lower than 8 simply hangs the boot
shortly after the warm reset triggered by the MCP55 code. I think this too
might be a toolchain problem (but I see it on gcc 3.4 as well as 4.3).

* during startup, the CPU cores talk through each other on serial for a
while. Again, not an issue specific to this port.

* to avoid very slow LZMA decompression I use this port with LZMA compression
disabled in CBFS. I'm not sure what's causing this particular slowness.


Ward Vandewege <ward at gnu.org>
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