[coreboot] Build question - coreboot v2 - filo - buildrom tree relationship

Peter Stuge peter at stuge.se
Sun Sep 20 03:51:24 CEST 2009

Mick Reed wrote:
> I wonder if I was supposed to put the filo tree or the buildrom
> tree inside the coreboot tree in order to get it build.

Aha. Two ways to move forward:

Either using buildrom only, it will download trees into directories,
configure and build automatically.

Or manually building each component. For current FILO you also need
libpayload. FILO and coreboot can be built separately, but libpayload
goes in a subdirectory in the main FILO directory. Build FILO first,
to get filo.elf. Then reference this in coreboot
targets/vendor/board/Config.lb, then run ./buildtarget vendor/board
in targets/, then run make in
This make step will create coreboot.rom

Or if your board is supported, you can use Kconfig. Build FILO as per
above. Then cd into coreboot-v2, and run make menuconfig. Make
settings, exit, then run make, which creates build/coreboot.rom

Kconfig is brand new and not working for many boards, but maybe yours
is one of the lucky ones - and if not - maybe you can help with
getting it to work? :)


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