[coreboot] COREBOOT for VIA EPIA P700 (from - BIOS POST codes monitoring in real time from other computer)

Antonio Expósito antonio.exposito at ono.com
Fri Sep 18 09:14:03 CEST 2009

In the Laptop section of the Coreboot wiki I have seen that VIA is
developing coreboot support for vx700 and vx800 (vx700 drives P700
motherboard).  May I wait some time to see if they get results? Anyone can
give some clues about developing state (ongoing, halted, abandoned,


Also, I read that VIA is helping the coreboot community support posting
programming guides for CX700M/VX700 and VX800 at the VIA Linux Download
Portal, but I cannot find them!


One more thing, how can I know that I am not  going to do something that is
under developing right now by someone? The supported motherboard list is up
to date and people use to report their ongoing work or ideas?





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