[coreboot] supported laptops

Peter Stuge peter at stuge.se
Wed Sep 16 21:17:11 CEST 2009

Hi Alan,

intorders at cox.net wrote:
> Hello, I'm very interested on flashing my laptop,

> The chipset lists as ATI RS690/RS690M, Southbridge is ATI SB600.

This combination is supported by coreboot. There is a lot of code and
it works well on at least a couple of boards.


> STEP 3:
> superiotool -dV does not report any i/o chip
> STEP 4:
> Unknown type device, flashrom -V  hangs  needing a hard power cycle.
> STEP 5:
> Unknown
> STEP 6:
> No further information available.

Now, the lack of information here suggests that you have some work to
do, to create a development environment for this system.

And yes, you will need to find a way to recover from images that
don't work. Presumably this has an SPI flash chip. You could go for
an SPI flash emulator, some developers are using the Dediprog SF-100
with success. You would de-solder the current flash chip, and solder
wires to the SF-100 instead.

So, the laptop could possibly be made to work with coreboot, but it
is nowhere near as simple as just flashing a new firmware. You will
need to dig in and do some development.

You could run into catastrophic trouble with the EC, but it could
also be simple to deal with. You would have to try, to know.


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