[coreboot] Geode LX VGA BIOS Patch

Chris Kindt chriskindt at umbc.edu
Sun Sep 13 21:48:58 CEST 2009

Kevin O'Connor wrote:
> As before, the main seabios patch looks good to me.  The "modehack"
> patch, of course, needs to be cleaned up before committing.  Are you
> still working on this?
> -Kevin

Yes, it is on my todo list. I was thinking about using a device
operations structure or macros to replace the "if(hw_type)"
statements. This might be overkill at the moment, however it would
be helpful for any future hardware specific expansion. I am lacking 
insight on what such a struct should be. The following example is 
crafted mostly to fix the current problems I am having.

struct videoDevice {
	int  (*present) (void);   /* check for existence */
	void (*enable) (int);     /* enable device/mode  */

	void (*pre_init) (void);
	void (*post_init) (void);
	void (*set_mode) (u8 mode);
	struct VideoParam_s *vga_param_table[];
	struct vgamode_s   *vga_mode_table[];

	void *hw_tables;

struct videoDevice geodelx = {
	.present = legacyio_check,
	.pre_init = geodelx_init,
	.post_init = geodelx_demo,
	.vga_param_table = lx_param_table,
	.vga_mode_table  = lx_mode_table,

struct videoDevice cirrus = {
	.pre_init = cirrus_init,
	.set_mode = cirrus_set_video_mode,
	.hw_tables = cirrus_modes,		

struct videoDevice vbe = {
	.present = vbe_has_vbe_display,
	.enable  = dispi_set_enable,
	.pre_init = vbe_init,
	.hw_tables = vbe_modes,

Let me know what you think and I can work on a patch,

Chris Kindt

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