[coreboot] possible bug, reported on irc

Maciej Pijanka maciej.pijanka at gmail.com
Sun Sep 6 18:06:04 CEST 2009


< Guest836553> Hello I noticed that OpenBIOS' disk-label package
doesn't allow raw disk access unless it has an apple partition map. In
particular I noticed that only modules/mac-parts.c honours the specs
section 11.1.2), which state the partition number 0 indicates the
whole disk. In pc-parts.c (MSDOS partition table format) partiton 0 is
the first primary partiton (it should be partition 1, I suppose) and
in sun-parts.c (I didn't try it) I don't see any special-handling code
for partition 0, so I suppose it's affected by the bug too.

I asked reporting person to post mail to list, so at least after
moderation it could reach ML. But mail don't appear so i am posting
this now.

best regards

Maciej Pijanka, PLD-Linux Developer, Reg Linux user #133161
POE/Perl user

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