[coreboot] Phoenix Technologies and General Software

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Yes indeed, I did look at the page.

But I am miffed over the passing of General Software. The fellow who
launched it, escaped from Micro$~ft to create a version of DOS that was
real-time friendly. And then they buried that product hoping to capitalize
on the growing embedded BIOS market... I believe that's what prompted
Phoenix to grab them, to rescue the company before it made anymore bad

Now Andrew if we could track down a collection of Tadpole VME bus based
boards wearing the M68K family of processors......

(Ignore that remark fellow Coreboot participants, that's a side-remark to
Andrew G.
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> > interesting, the consolidation continues. Do you think they killed the
> > product or are still reselling it? I am guessing the former.
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> > ron
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> Phoenix are still selling it.
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> Andrew
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