[coreboot] SeaBIOS WinXP install

Rudolf Marek r.marek at assembler.cz
Tue Sep 1 22:15:50 CEST 2009


> On 01.09.2009 15:00, Arnaud Maye wrote:
>> I've been implementing the ACPI for the ep80579 and so far it is not
>> going very well. Linux refuses to boot unless I use acpi=off or
>> acpi=ht as boot parameters. acpi=ht seems to display my ACPI ioports
>> in proc/ioports as expected ( the ioports addresses are all mapped to
>> the ACPI BAR ). Without to disable acpi the kernel complains that the
>> 0xE0000000 range is not a reserved  range and the MMCONF is not
>> supported and then hangs.

It should not hang. The complain is only about e820 map is not reserved. I made 
recently a small patch for this for K8M890. Simply the problem seems elsewhere 
to me.

>> The DSDT been dumped from the legacy BIOS using acpidump and this is
>> what I am including in the build process to test. Actually I've based
>> my code on the mainboard\intel\eagleheigths.
Please try to develop minimalistic  DSDT based on M2V-MX SE and read the ACPI 
guide on the wiki.

You need to have linux working first and then go for windows.

Please try to read the wiki pages and then ask so we can improve the pages.


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