[coreboot] [PATCH] consolidate K8M890 VGA code

r.marek at assembler.cz r.marek at assembler.cz
Thu Oct 29 10:15:07 CET 2009

> Do you really want to get rid of dynamically being able to set the FB size?

Well as we agreed? on IRC, I would like to have Kconfig settable  
default and the
CMOS option as the most preferred state. Second reason is because as  
you pointed
out the CMOS option does not work for M2V SE. Reason was that I never  
how it is supposed to be done. Third is I like to have a settable default in

  > Don't you think that this is a feature that regular users of probably
> the only fully implemented coreboot motherboards might actually want  
> to touch?

Please don't take it as offense. I like the CMOS options but other  
stuff must be
fixed here to make CMOS usable for M2V-MX.

> Why is no time being spent on removing the other options that  
> actually harm booting this device? Why does this feel like more  
> pointless pedanticity?

It sounds you are really pissed off - please try no to look like exploded
supernova ;) I completely agree with you that CMOS is right way. But it never
worked here, so I changed it back - it was not evil intention and I would love
to see the solution I written above. To have a Kconfig settable  
default and CMOS
option which will be used if CMOS is valid. I think the code I wrote  
can be used
for the CMOS option too, just simple change is needed.


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