[coreboot] small patch for prototypes and unused variables

Myles Watson mylesgw at gmail.com
Tue Oct 27 14:26:55 CET 2009


Thanks for the patch.  I think most of it is ready to be committed.

Index: src/lib/clog2.c
--- src/lib/clog2.c	(revision 4869)
+++ src/lib/clog2.c	(working copy)
@@ -7,6 +7,8 @@
 /* Assume 8 bits per byte */
 #define CHAR_BIT 8
+unsigned long log2(unsigned long x);
 unsigned long log2(unsigned long x)
         // assume 8 bits per byte.

Things like this make me wonder if we should just turn off the warning.  Is
there a header file where we can put some of these prototypes?


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