[coreboot] coreboot hangs on my AMD fam10 board.

Marc Jones marcj303 at gmail.com
Fri Oct 9 17:34:08 CEST 2009

On Fri, Oct 9, 2009 at 12:10 AM, Bao, Zheng <Zheng.Bao at amd.com> wrote:
> Current coreboot seems to hang somewhere. Before the 60th anniversary of
> People's Republic of China, I always disable the CBFS when I worked on
> my fam10 board, otherwise it would be error. But now, I can not find
> where I can disable it. It seems to stop at waiting AP cores.
> I am wondering if it is caused by CBFS and if it happens on other board.
> If any one can test it, I will be appreciating.

Hi Zheng,

There has been a lot of work with CBFS and with Kconfig in the last
few weeks. Myles and Patrick have been testing in system and in SimNow
so it should work. Can you try updating your platform to use them?



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