[coreboot] Woriking configuration for AMD SimNow

Schwarz, Konrad konrad.schwarz at siemens.com
Thu Oct 8 15:51:08 CEST 2009


> From: Patrick Georgi [mailto:patrick.georgi at coresystems.de] 
> Sent: Thursday, October 08, 2009 2:35 PM
> To: Schwarz, Konrad
> Cc: coreboot at coreboot.org
> Subject: Re: [coreboot] Woriking configuration for AMD SimNow

> > The amd/serengeti_chedetah_fam10 board builds, but when run 
> the SimNow
> > BSD "family10_1p.bsd" ultimately ends in a triple fault.  (I
> > configured the ROM device to have 1 MB with a starting address to
> > match).  I've included a screen shot of the VGA screen:

> It seems you're using revision 4671, I fixed that particular 
> issue (or a
> _very_ likely candidate) in r4697, so please update to at least that
> revision.

As you suspected, I was using 4671.  I have now upgraded to 4742 through the qa.coreboot.org site; I was not able to get svn https: to work with our proxy server.

> Please tell us if that fixes it.

Unfortunately no.  The simulation clock freezes after 7.33 (simulated) seconds but does not display a triple fault message.  No VGA screen comes up.


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