[coreboot] Woriking configuration for AMD SimNow

Schwarz, Konrad konrad.schwarz at siemens.com
Thu Oct 8 14:22:31 CEST 2009


could someone take pity on me and send me a working configuration of Coreboot with the FILO payload for SimNow (Family 10 compatible, if possible)?

Long story:

I followed the instructions on http://www.coreboot.org/AMD_SimNow but the step ./buildtarget amd/serengeti_cheetah fails---lots of warnings, but the error is
/home/kas/src/coreboot/coreboot-v2-4671/src/cpu/x86/mtrr/earlymtrr.c:22:3: error: #error "CONFIG_XIP_ROM_BASE is not a multiple of CONFIG_XIP_ROM_SIZE"

The amd/serengeti_chedetah_fam10 board builds, but when run the SimNow BSD "family10_1p.bsd" ultimately ends in a triple fault.  (I configured the ROM device to have 1 MB with a starting address to match).  I've included a screen shot of the VGA screen:

I was expecting some sort of prompt from FILO, but I don't think it got that far.


Konrad Schwarz

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