[coreboot] [PATCHes]more kconfig stuff

Patrick Georgi patrick at georgi-clan.de
Wed Oct 7 20:08:15 CEST 2009

Am Mittwoch, den 07.10.2009, 19:53 +0200 schrieb Peter Stuge:
> > +config MAINBOARD_DIR
> > +	string
> > +	default msi/ms7135
> > +	depends on BOARD_MSI_MS7135
> This is really sad. The directory name is already known, it's the one
> where this Kconfig file is stored. It would be nice to just generate
> this rather than risk humans introducing errors.
Fortunately, it happens only once per board. But yes, I ran into it.

Unfortunately, it would be much more complicated to work without this
variable - we'd need a Makefile.inc per vendor that we can live without
for now, with lines like
subdir-$(CONFIG_BOARD_MSI_MS7135) += ms7135

So it really doesn't matter too much in my opinion.

> (And, the value might need quotes.)
Actually, if we strip the quotes everywhere, we can get rid of a shell
invocation in the top level Makefile.

> > +	string
> > +	default "ultra40"
> > +	depends on BOARD_MSI_MS9185
> Oops.
Oops indeed. Fixed in r4737

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