[coreboot] CBFS issues on 440BX boards

Uwe Hermann uwe at hermann-uwe.de
Sun Oct 4 20:08:04 CEST 2009

Uncompressing coreboot to RAM.                                                  
Jumping to image.                                                               
Check CBFS header at fffedfe0                                                   
magic is ffffffff                                                               
ERROR: No valid CBFS header found!                                              
CBFS:  Could not find file fallback/coreboot_ram                                
Jumping to image.                                                               

I can reproduce this on hardware on ASUS P2B-F and Biostar M6TBA, but I
guess it happens on all 440BX boards, maybe also for other chipsets,
didn't check yet.

RAM init works ok (tested with ram_check()) so I think bad RAM init can
be ruled out. Also, disabling HIGH TABLES didn't seem to improve
anything here.

Here's a sample CBFS output:

./coreboot.rom: 256 kB, bootblocksize 73728, romsize 262144, offset 0x0
Alignment: 64 bytes

Name                           Offset     Type         Size
normal/payload                 0x0        payload      28850
normal/coreboot_ram            0x7100     stage        46897
fallback/payload               0x12880    payload      28850
fallback/coreboot_ram          0x19980    stage        46893
                               0x25100    null         36536

Not sure why it says "Check CBFS header at fffedfe0" as
CBFS_HEADPTR_ADDR is defined as 0xFFFFFFFc...

I'm thankful for any hints.

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