[coreboot] [Qemu-devel] Release plan for 0.12.0

Patrick Georgi patrick at georgi-clan.de
Sun Oct 4 00:19:07 CEST 2009

Am Samstag, den 03.10.2009, 15:13 -0700 schrieb Jordan Justen:
> I'll admit that this is a fairly dumb argument to make while we are
> talking about a QEMU release only a few months from now.  But, as UEFI
> seems to be gaining ground in the industry, I think the sooner QEMU
> can get this support, the better.
This smells like self-fulfulling prophecy: Let QEmu support EFI in the
hope that EFI actually gains ground (for example by better testability
due to available emulation environments)

So you want QEmu as a marketing device - nothing wrong with saying that,


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