[coreboot] Not supported mobo, compile for a similar one?

Myles Watson mylesgw at gmail.com
Fri Oct 2 15:20:06 CEST 2009

> Now here my question: I have the supermicro mobo *H8QME-2+
> http://www.supermicro.com/Aplus/motherboard/Opteron8000/MCP55/H8QME-2+.cfm
> *that is not supported by coreboot but there is a similar one at the
> coreboot v2 list: H8dmr
> http://www.supermicro.com/Aplus/motherboard/Opteron2000/MCP55/H8DMR-
> i2.cfm.
> What would happen if i compile a coreboot.rom for the H8dmr and flash
> into the H8QME-2+? What kind of changes do i have to do?

1. Read wiki pages about getting started
2. Choose a recovery method (extra flash chips, BIOS savior, etc)
3. Compare lspci for the two boards and update the device tree in Config.lb:

One of the most important differences is probably the 8132, and where it is
connected.  From the H8DMR devicetree.cb:

		chip northbridge/amd/amdk8 #mc0
			device pci 18.0 on end 
			device pci 18.0 on end
			device pci 18.0 on 
				#  devices on link 0, link 0 == LDT 0 
			        chip southbridge/nvidia/mcp55 
					device pci 0.0 on end   # HT
                			device pci 1.0 on # LPC
							device pnp 2e.0 off
#  Floppy
                	                 			io 0x60 =
                	                			irq 0x70 = 6
                	                			drq 0x74 = 2

Each Opteron (amdk8) has three links: 0,1,&2.  On this board the mcp55 is on
link 2.  For your board you at least need to know if the 8132 is on the same
link as the mcp55, or a different one.  After you get that right it
shouldn't be too hard to fix up the rest since the boards are so similar.

4. Send serial output to the list for help

Good luck,

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