[coreboot] SeaBIOS and USB UHCI keyboard support

Peter Stuge peter at stuge.se
Thu Oct 1 03:28:19 CEST 2009

Kevin O'Connor wrote:
> > The USB option ROM is still a tricky point. How to make it co-exist
> > with USB support in SeaBIOS?
> As Stefan pointed out, there can be only one driver of a usb
> controller.  Anything else would be too fragile.

Yeah. The debug port can be used in parallell with another USB stack,
but that's only good for debug transfers.

> > If the option ROM works out well, maybe it could instead offer
> > the keyboard services?
> Yes - an option ROM can support keyboard.
> I'd say it's doable, but not easy.

I don't know what the result was/is from the GSoC project. You are
aware that there has been a GSoC project for a USB option ROM, right?


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