[coreboot] Kconfig, ROMSIZE and others

Maciej Pijanka maciej.pijanka at gmail.com
Sat Nov 14 01:36:51 CET 2009


What is the difference betwen ROM_SIZE defined in
src/mainboard/Kconfig and ROM_IMAGE_SIZE from src/arch/i386/Kconfig?

I modified one entry in src/arch/i386/Kconfig to make live easier when
changing size of rom because rombase will adjust automatically, for me
works perfectly, but i am not sure if ROM_IMAGE_SIZE should get
similar automated defaults or not.

I will prepare a patch if its desired.

config ROMBASE
        default 0xffff0000
        default 0xfffe0000 if COREBOOT_ROMSIZE_KB_128
        default 0xfffc0000 if COREBOOT_ROMSIZE_KB_256
        default 0xfff80000 if COREBOOT_ROMSIZE_KB_512
        default 0xfff00000 if COREBOOT_ROMSIZE_KB_1024
        default 0xffe00000 if COREBOOT_ROMSIZE_KB_2048
        default 0xffc00000 if COREBOOT_ROMSIZE_KB_4096

best regards

Maciej Pijanka, PLD-Linux Developer, Reg Linux user #133161
POE/Perl user

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