[coreboot] Ubiquiti embedded boards and Atheros chipset

Peter Stuge peter at stuge.se
Fri Nov 6 16:25:54 CET 2009

shane chao wrote:
> Does coreboot have any plans to support Ubiquiti embedded boards
> such as the Ministation or Litestation2/5?

coreboot does not really have plans, but it's contributors might.

> Those board are based on Atheros MIPS processors.

Right now, coreboot only runs on PC boards. There have been other
architectures in the past and it is certainly possible to support
other architectures again. However, the tasks required by firmware on
such boards are usually fairly different from the tasks required by
firmware on PCs, so while coreboot does a really good job at bus
initialization, that may not be useful on a small board without any
dynamic configuration possibilities.

Please feel free to try it out if you want! Otherwise, maybe U-Boot
or pmon could work for you?


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