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Hugh Greenberg hng at lanl.gov
Thu Nov 5 01:16:49 CET 2009

Sometimes it takes a very long time to reproduce.   It is very random.  
I just tried about 30 times and I was not able to reproduce it.  Ok, I 
will see if I still need that.

Hugh Greenberg
Los Alamos National Laboratory, CCS-1
Email: hng at lanl.gov
Phone: (505) 665-6471

Myles Watson wrote:
>> Yes, it is still hanging occasionally with a newer gcc.  
> Too bad.  Occasionally like 1-in-3?  I don't have any idea what the compiler
> would have to do with non-deterministic hangs.
>> I thought I put
>> all the debug stuff back in, but I apparently didn't get it all.   Below
>> is the output.  I will put the remaining debug statements back in for
>> this hang again and send the output.
> OK.  The other thing to find out is if you still need the "Forcing Type 1"
> hack.  Everything else is nearly trivial since it only affects your board,
> and you've tested it.
> Thanks,
> Myles

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