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Hugh Greenberg hng at lanl.gov
Wed Nov 4 23:23:57 CET 2009


Everything seems to be working well.  I had one sporadic hang while 
testing at what looked to be at the same place as the initial first 
hang.  That was the only instance since I moved to gcc 3.4. We were 
testing so many things that I don't remember the exact scenario.   I'm 
satisfied though.  If I see it happening again, I'll try to capture it 
and send it to you.

You deserve a medal for this.  Thanks a lot.

Hugh Greenberg

Myles Watson wrote:
> On Wed, Nov 4, 2009 at 2:48 PM, Hugh Greenberg <hng at lanl.gov 
> <mailto:hng at lanl.gov>> wrote:
>     Attached is the latest output.  I don't see the errors anymore.  I
>     just tried booting Linux with the latest rom and it booted.
> Great!  So is everything finally working, or are you still fighting 
> sporadic hangs?
> We should commit the fixes so they don't get lost.
> Thanks,
> Myles

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