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Hugh Greenberg hng at lanl.gov
Mon Nov 2 20:01:20 CET 2009


Setting it to 1 or 2 gives what looks like the same output.  It causes 
coreboot to fail with the following error:

Initializing CBMEM area to 0x3fff0000 (65536 bytes)
Adding CBMEM entry as no. 1
Moving GDT to 3fff0200...ok
High Tables Base is 3fff0000.
Copying Interrupt Routing Table to 0x000f0000... done.
Adding CBMEM entry as no. 2
Copying Interrupt Routing Table to 0x3fff0400... done.
PIRQ table: 176 bytes.
Looking for bad PCIX MHz input
get_pbus: dev is NULL!

Hugh Greenberg

Myles Watson wrote:
> It turns out that SB_HT_CHAIN_ON_BUS_0 was set incorrectly.  I should 
> have had you test if it should have been 2, but at least setting it to 
> 1 should let SeaBIOS find your devices.
> Thanks,
> Myles

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