[coreboot] [PATCH] D945GCLF

Andrew Goodbody andrew.goodbody at tadpole.com
Mon Nov 2 15:33:06 CET 2009

If anyone does want to work on the D945GCLF board then you need to 
update the sdram_enable_memory_clocks in 
northbridge/intel/i945/raminit.c in a way that does not break the mobile 
version. The desktop version of the chipset has more clocks and so uses 
more bits in C0DCLKDIS and C1DCLKDIS to control them. Instead of bits 
0&1 and 2&3, you need to use bits 0&1&2 and 3&4&5. A quick and dirty 
hack to get this going would seem to be to define OVERRIDE_CLOCK_DISABLE.

Sorry but I don't have time to do this myself but I thought the 
information might be useful to somebody. It should be enough to get RAM 
init working.


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