[coreboot] powering machine on after reboot

Chris Kinney cmkinne at sandia.gov
Fri May 29 01:02:02 CEST 2009

im booting up a machine with coreboot and anytime i reboot the machine 
it never turns back on, i have to turn it back on by hand. i ran the 
nvramtool to see the bio settings and  got this:

boot_option = Normal
last_boot = Normal
ECC_memory = Enable
baud_rate = 115200
hw_scrubber = Enable
interleave_chip_selects = Enable
max_mem_clock = 166Mhz
dual_core = Enable
power_on_after_fail = Enable
debug_level = Info
boot_first = Network
boot_second = Fallback_Network
# Bad value -> boot_third = 0xf
boot_index = 0x0
boot_countdown = 0x0
slow_cpu = off
nmi = Disable
iommu = Disable
nvramtool: Can not read coreboot parameter user_data because layout info 
specifies CMOS area that is too wide.

i changed the boot_on_after_fail to Enable thinking that would fix my 
issue but it didnt.

does anyone have any other ideas on what other parameter could fix this?

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