[coreboot] [v2] ACPI on m57sli

Ronald Hoogenboom ronald at zonnet.nl
Thu May 28 22:34:46 CEST 2009

Hi Harald,

I added the DYNADATA and the other stuff that was missing (HPET, SLIT,
SSDT) in my acpi_tables.c according to your patch (thanks!).

I removed 2 of the 4 processors in dsdt.dsl.

Now the processor device not present is gone.
powernow still doesn't work:
powernow-k8: MP systems not supported by PSB BIOS structure
The message about overlapping GPE0 and GPE1 is still there.

There are new errors (twice):
BIOS reported wrong ACPI idfor the processor
ACPI Exception (evxface-0544): AE_NOT_EXIST, Removing notify handler


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